AWF's Utility Library

A collection of mostly matlab utilities. See MatlabAllHelp for the autogenerated matlab help files. To install, clone the repository (from the Source Code) tab above, and follow the README.txt.
The awf utility library: A collection of awf utilities The au_ prefix is because it's important in matlab's flat namespace that clashes of function names are avoided.

Symbolic toolbox helpers

AU_COEFF Extract polynomial coefficients from symbolic expr
AU_CCODE Generate optimized C code from symbolic expression.
AU_AUTODIFF_GENERATE Generate code for function and derivatives

Faster/more convenient alternatives to matlab builtins

AU_SPARSE Create sparse matrices with low time/space overhead.
AU_WHIST Weighted histogram
AU_BSX A value class that implements a broadcastable data type

Printing and testing

AU_PRMAT Compact print of matrices.
AU_DEEP_PRINT Hierarchical print of object.
AU_TEST* Utilities for writing unit tests
AU_ASSERT* Easier assertions
AU_RUN_TESTS Run all tests in the library


AU_LEVMARQ Home-grown LM with line search
AU_RANSAC Ransac loop
AU_DEEP_VECTORIZE Flatten arbitrary structure/cell a linear vector x.
AU_DEEP_UNVECTORIZE Unflatten arbitrary structure/cell from a linear vector x.
AU_LOGSUMEXP Compute log(sum(exp(M))) stably

File I/O helpers

AU_FSCAN_REGEXP File scan line by line splitting on regexp
AU_STRIP_PATH Remove directories matching REGEXP from PATH

MEX helper

AU_MEX C++ helper classes for MEX file writers.

MEX helper

The library also contains au_mex.h, a collection of C++ classes which greatly simplify mex file writing.

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